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Clapham School draws from proven institutions to continuously strengthen our pedagogy in the areas of Christian, Classical and Charlotte Mason education.  We have affiliations with the following organizations and schools across the country.




Clapham School is a member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. For further information, please see the ACCS website.






Clapham School has an informal relationship with a group of schools committed to implementing the philosophy, principles and pedagogy of 19th century British educator Charlotte Mason. At Clapham we blend Charlotte Mason’s philosophy with the best of the classical tradition. For further information, please see the Ambleside website.




CiRCE Institute

CiRCE is an organization dedicated to training and supporting those involved in classical, Christian education in the US.





Clapham School is an accredited member of the Independent Schools Association of the Central States. For further information, please see the ISACS website.





Clapham School is a member of the Society for Classical Learning. For further information, please see the SCL website.





Clapham School is a unique classical, Christian school that is committed to blending the classical model with the “art of joyful discovery” found in Charlotte Mason’s teachings. Please see the following websites for a look at other schools with a similar philosophy:

  • The Wilberforce School in Princeton, NJ

  • Heritage Preparatory School in Atlanta, GA

  • The Oaks Academy in Indianapolis, IN, an inner city school

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