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"Children familiar with great thoughts take as naturally to thinking for themselves as the well-nourished body takes to growing."     
Charlotte Mason

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What will a Clapham School experience look like for your child?

They will be immersed in an education founded on a Christian worldview. They will study great books and be trained in the skills of speaking, writing, and discussing. They will learn in a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by beautiful music, plants, books and art as their mind thrives on a feast of ideas and discoveries.


charlotte mason method

Charlotte Mason Method

Charlotte Mason’s philosophy is built on the Christian idea that children are persons created in the image of God.

Because of this they learn best when inspired by a rich curriculum of literature, art, music, poetry and nature. Their God-given curiosity fuels their assimilation of new knowledge and interaction with living ideas, as they are trained in the disciplines of a scholar by a supportive teacher.



Student Life At Clapham



Meet the People

Who Make It Possible

At Clapham School, teachers delight in developing classrooms that encourage an atmosphere of curiosity, discipline, and joy in learning. Many of our faculty have advanced degrees in their fields and years of educational experience. Most importantly, every member of the Clapham faculty professes their faith in Jesus Christ and desires to care for students both academically and spiritually.


Why Do Our Teachers Love Clapham School?

“I enjoy teaching at Clapham because I love watching my students delight in learning. From relaying ancient Greek battles to painting the delicate lotus flower, my students attend to the task at hand with diligence and joy.”

-Chelsea Yorke


“I love teaching at Clapham for the variety of subjects I get to teach to various grades. On a regular day I will teach a lesson on a Bible passage, grammatical principle, historical event, chapter of literature, algebraic formulas, biblical Greek translations, and logical fallacies. That may sound like a lot of work, which it is, but it is also what makes an ordinary Wednesday so interesting."

-Brian Kelly


"Coming from a research background, I have learned so much through teaching science at Clapham. The opportunity to focus on my passion for God's creation and the importance of creation stewardship (Gen 2:15) is an everyday highlight for me. I am so excited to be a part of all the great things Clapham is doing to develop a strong science program."

-Jeremy Foster


“It is a joy to teach music at Clapham School! The Clapham culture of setting high academic expectations, building strong habits of learning, and of tending students' hearts has fostered a wonderful atmosphere for students to grow as musicians and as people. What a privilege for me to help train students to use their voices to glorify the Lord in song!”

-Julie LeMahieu 

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