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Fall Benefit 2019 Video Invitation

Fall Benefit

Here is short video invitation and description of the Fall Gala and Benefit by Chris and Ashley Stiernagle:

Spaces are limited!! To register go to the following link


Here is a transcript:


“Happy Sunday, take four! This is Chris Stiernagle, Board Chairman of Clapham School, along with my lovely bride, Ash.

“We’re here just to send a quick video and an encouragement to what we think will be a fabulous evening, for the Fall Benefit this Oct. 3rd.

“We really do this for three reasons. First and foremost is thankfulness and an acknowledgment of what God is doing in our faculty and our administration and most importantly our kids’ lives and Clapham School. 

“Second is that God calls us to be in community. So this is a community of believers, and friends and family, that can get together and really understand and pour into each other’s lives.

“Third is really an opportunity to invest in the current and future Clapham through things like the Annual Fund, but also through volunteerism. We know we have a lot of friends and family who spend a lot of time helping out the school. And those things are wildly appreciated and we couldn’t be more thankful about the efforts that you all pour in.”


“And it’s really just a celebration. It’s a time to come, get out of the carpool line, invest and spend time at a table with fellow parents and faculty that you don’t get to see on a daily basis. I don’t know about you, but a lot of my time is spent in the drop off and pick up lines and in yoga clothes, and I’m really excited about a night that I can put those clothes to the side and dress up a little bit, and just really be entertained, not only by some fun surprises that we might have in store for you all, but also be entertained and get a taste of what our kids can offer and share with us that night.  

“It’s going to be a really really fun night and we’re really excited to celebrate with all of you. So we hope to see you there, 6 pm at Danada House on Thursday!”

Chris: “Thank you very much everybody! Have a great Sunday!”

Ashley: “Thanks! See you this week! Bye.”



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