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Jason Barney Academic Dean at Clapham School

Jason Barney

Academic Dean

Jason Barney

Academic Dean



BA in Ancient Languages and English Literature from Wheaton College.

MA in Biblical Exegesis at Wheaton College 


In 2012, Jason was awarded the Henry Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching from Hillsdale College. In May 2014 he received The Tenney Award in New Testament Studies.  In 2009 Jason joined the faculty of Clapham School and began building the Latin program and Middle School. From 2015-2016 Jason taught Upper School Latin at The Geneva School of Orlando, while serving on the Clapham School Board of Directors.


In his free time he enjoys strategy games, long discussions, and good books. 


Jason and his wife Ashley have a daughter named Alethea and are members at College Church.


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