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Katherine Wolcott, Class One Teacher at Clapham School in Wheaton, IL

Katherine Wolcott

Class One Teacher

Katherine Wolcott

Class One Teacher



BA in Elementary Education from Wheaton College


Katherine grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois. She began flute and piano lessons at a young age and continued playing throughout high school and college. Katherine also taught private beginning piano lessons to 5-9 year olds. In college, Katherine spent time tutoring 4th grade, as well as aided in both 1st and 3rd grade classrooms. She student taught in a 3rd grade classroom at Lincoln Elementary School in Wheaton, Illinois. In addition, Katherine has enjoyed working as a youth leader for middle school girls.


In her free time, Katherine enjoys spending time with her family, exploring nature, playing flute, reading, and cooking.


Katherine is a member at Living Word Bible Church in Frankfort. 


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