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Explorers II, our Kindergartners, freely use their God-given curiosity to discover new skills and ideas through a variety of curricular subjects and inspiring literature while being held to a high standard with regards to self, others and work.

Explorers II - Clapham School Kindergarten Books

Phonics: Children practice phonemic awareness skills and use the 70 phonograms to read and write words.

Reading: Each student spends time reading in class as well as at home.

Handwriting: Students take formal handwriting, practicing the proper formation of each letter while at the same time developing small motor skills.

Mathematics: Students practice daily, mental math and strengthen their ability to manipulate numbers.home-explorers


Motor Skills: Students explore and create forms of life, knowledge and beauty with Froebel’s Gifts.

Maturing Habits: Teachers, parents and children work together to foster the habits of attention, obedience, responsibility, kindness and careful work.

Studies: Students study the lives and works of two poets, two composers and two artists fostering an appreciation for their beautiful works.

Our Explorers II Class meets five days a week from 8:25 am - 11:30 am.


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