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Laura Yiesla, Art Teacher at Clapham School in Wheaton, IL

Laura Yiesla


Laura Yiesla




BA in Art and English and a minor in German from Hillsdale College


Laura graduated magna cum laude from Hillsdale College. She student-taught art at Hillsdale Preparatory School for Kindergarten through eighth grades during her senior year. Upon returning to Illinois, she pursued certification in botanical art and illustration from the Morton Arboretum and taught adult painting classes through the West Chicago Park District. In addition to teaching at Clapham, she serves as a book editor for Crossway and offers instruction in arts, handcrafts, and sewing for the Winfield Bluebirds 4-H Club. Laura joined the Clapham School faculty in 2015.


In true style of her liberal education, she takes pleasure in many things---including reading, walking, sketching, canoeing, gardening, knitting, and traveling. She seized the opportunities to tour the literary sites of England and the artistic treasures of Rome and Florence, Italy, and can't wait for the next adventure.


Laura and her husband, Chris, attend Glen Arbor Community Church in West Chicago.

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