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Miranda Quinn, Latin Teacher at Clapham School in Wheaton, IL

Miranda Quinn

Class Eight

Middle School Latin

Miranda Quinn

Class Eight and Middle School Latin



BA in Classical Education Studies and BMus in Violin Performance from Belhaven University


Miranda graduated summa cum laude from Belhaven University with a BA in Classical Education Studies and a BMus in Violin Performance. While at Belhaven, Miranda won leadership and service awards for starting a new music society which discussed 20th century classical music and musical aesthetics. She was an honors fellow at Belhaven and received first place in Oral Humanities at the Mississippi Honors Conference her senior year. Miranda joined the Clapham School faculty in 2018.


Miranda enjoys long conversations over cups of coffee (or tea), reading books on literature, theology, and music, and learning more every day what it means to be made in the image of God.


Miranda and her husband, Dan, attend Church of the Resurrection.

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