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Tips for Parents: Navigating Tech With Your Preteen

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Are you managing your preteen's screen time?

Most parents agree that technology in itself isn't bad. However, technology without limits hinders the way our children develop physically, mentally, emotionally.

Families are learning first hand what happens when they don't set limits. If you're struggling with how to best help your child navigate this area of life, you are not alone!

We invite you to listen in to our thoughtful discussion on this topic and learn some ideas about how you can effectively help your child manage their screen time and apply wisdom to our tech-saturated world.

This webinar will explore:

  • the tension between the dangers & the necessity of technology in today's world
  • research about common dangers of tech in a child's cognitive, motor, and emotional development
  • how delaying your child's use of technology can be positive and negative
  • making sure your child is ready for life and career in the future

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