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The “Way of the Will” and the Body of Christ

By Ashlyn Duff, Explorers II Teacher

In 1 Corinthians 12 the apostle Paul uses a unique metaphor to explain how the Church is supposed to function. Take a look:

For the body does not consist of one member but of many.  If the foot should say,...

Why Shakespeare?

By Hannah Bramsen

Upper School Humanities, Class 8 homeroom, and Middle School Shakespeare director

As spring slowly approaches, and students begin to feel the February blues, there is one thing that has faithfully brightened up the middle school...

Why Do We Teach Logic at Clapham?

How classes on logic catalyze students for deep yet humble understanding.

By Brian Kelly

Class Six and Middle School Latin Teacher

As the Class Six teacher, I have the opportunity to introduce students into the massive realm of logic, whether it...

Biblical Integration: Christian Schooling as Discipleship

by Katie Klos

Class Five Lead Teacher, Middle School Girls’ Bible, and Middle School Literature

I borrowed the title of this blog post from a conference that Jon Simons and I had the pleasure of attending at Cairn University last summer.  I was...

An Unexpected Encounter

by Sally Woodhouse, Class Three Teacher

Last month I made a new friend.  She must have been expecting me as she was standing patiently with her hands resting gracefully at an open door as I walked toward her. Immediately she struck me as being a...

A Perhaps Unexpected Earthly Reward

by Kolby Atchison, Middle School Coordinator

“How seldom, friend! A good great man inherits honor or wealth with all his worth and pains.” “It sounds like stories from the land of spirits if any man obtains that which he merits or any merit that...

Relevant or Non-Essential?

The Use of Original Languages in Our Faith

by Brian Kelly, Class Six and Latin Teacher

In a recent conversation with one of my pastors, we discussed the tact that is needed in a sermon to introduce technical language terms or excerpts from the...

Theseus and the Minotaur

One aspect of a Clapham education that sets our school apart from many is our focus on narration. Why have students narrate? One cannot narrate well, unless one has listened and digested the information given. Narration requires the habit of...