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The author is a Clapham School parent who values privacy and persistently avoids a digital footprint, but at the same time is not opposed to offering help and collaborating with those who face similar struggles. Any questions about this blog may be directed at info@claphamschool.org.

Recent Posts

6 Points to Ponder as Christians Face Coronavirus


On Friday the 13th, it hit me. This could be the start of a horror movie: Corona Apocalypse.


Questions to Ask When Searching for a School

After having our first child, we fielded the question “Where will you send her to school?” countless times. We lived in an area where schools were very competitive and required parents to be proactive in securing a place at a preferred school....

Valentine’s Day: Moving from Cupids and Cards to Agape Love


In some ways, Valentine's Day feels like a Hallmark holiday if ever there was one… a convenient excuse for stores to sell cards, flowers, and chocolates. In reality, the holiday dates far back, with origins centuries old. Formal 'Valentine'...

When Reading Doesn't Come Easy - A Mother's Perspective

Not long ago I picked up a much-anticipated and highly acclaimed book. I had waited long on the library hold list to get a copy. With the kids finally all tucked in bed, I climbed into my own bed to get comfy for a night of reading A Gentleman in...

11 Tips to Raise A Child Who Loves to Read

A guiding question that we have asked ourselves a million times throughout the child-rearing years is: What does it Matter in Eternity?   The answer to this question has guided us in making choices that shaped our family's lives not only for the...

Surviving Middle School Moods: 3 Scenes

Before I jump to the subject at hand, I'd like to tell you a story from my childhood. Its relevance will become apparent, hopefully, by the end.

Q & A with Beth Kleitsch and Nathan LeMahieu

The school year is in full swing and the students are settling into their new routine. As a parent you may have touched base with your student's teacher but you may also have seen an unfamiliar face or two on the faculty. We caught up with two of...

Podcasts for the Very Young and Young at Heart

Instead of turning to screen time to entertain or babysit your young children, have you considered letting them listen to a podcast? Podcasts can be fun, entertaining, and great for the imagination.