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Dan Brendsel

Dan Brendsel
Dan Brendsel is an Associate Pastor at Grace Church of DuPage in Warrenville, IL, a fellow of the Center for Pastor Theologians, and the author of various books and articles. His claim to fame is being the husband of Jen (E2) and the father of three children scattered around Clapham School.

Recent Posts

Why We Watch Films, Part 6: Cultural Literacy

What makes our culture tick?  What is happening in our present cultural moment?  In the last part of our series on Why We Watch Films, author Dan Brendsel explains how we become aware of the reigning assumptions, values, habits of thoughts...

Why We Watch Films, Part 5: Beauty

In the fifth part of our series,Why Do We Watch Films, author Dan Brendsel focusses on the ways in which films can demonstrate the power and majesty of beauty. As a friendly reminder, the films mentioned in the article are not necessarily a...

Why We Watch Films, Part 4: Transformation

What is the meaning of transformation? Simply put, it means to be transformed, to challenge one's own understandings/self-understanding/perspectives/dispositions /character, and thus, to mature.

We all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror...

Why Do We Watch Films, Part 3: Perspective

Continuing with our series on the reason we watch films, the third article in a six-part series by Dan Brendsel considers the idea of a changed perspective.

To see through the eyes of others cultivates empathy and sympathy. Films allow us to...

Why Do We Watch Films, Part 2: Defamiliarization

In the second part of our series, Why Do We Watch Films, author Dan Brendsel focusses on the fresh perspective films can bring to our worldview.  Read on to explore what a new, or different perspective can bring to the conversation.

As a friendly...

Why Do We Watch Films, Part 1: Discussion

During our first COVID-19 summer, most of us found ourselves stuck at home, and understandably spending way too much time watching television. Dan Brendsel shares some interesting observations on why we watch movies. Stay tuned for a six-part series...