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Joleen Steel

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Christmas Traditions

By Joleen Steel

Craft Fair Entrepreneurs


For some children the entrepreneurial bug hits early. Often, their first venture requires a folding table and a jug of lemonade. The joy of a few quarters jingling in their pocket makes sitting in the hot sun for a whole afternoon worth it.

3 Ways to Develop Trust with Your Child’s Teacher


The first day of school is a big deal. This is the day you choose to entrust your most precious treasures with another adult, called teacher. This is the day you drive away thinking, “Will they be okay?” I’ve been there as a parent and...

Grit, the Growth Mindset, and a Biblical Worldview


As a kindergarten teacher at a classical Christian school, I recently came across two secular authors who challenged my thinking. For years I wrestled with a lack of confidence and purpose. But intentional Bible study and the influence of godly...