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Joleen Steel

Joleen Steel

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Felting Feelies Fosters the Habit of Attention in Youngsters

When I began teaching felting to seven- and eight-year-olds, I was curious to see if they could give steady, focused attention to the task. After all, felting, as is the case with all handwork, requires much patience before any visible results are...

5 Reasons Your Kids Should Finger Knit!

Finger knitting is a skill that strengthens both sides of the brain. It satisfies the right brain's desire for beauty and creation while stimulating the left brain's bent for order and process. Finger knitting is for everyone. Besides, it’s uses are...

Handwork with Purpose: 3 Reasons For Handwork During Shelter in Place

During the first week of sheltering-in-place, my family’s carefully-organized life suddenly became a wide-open hole that filled quickly with Zoom meetings, online streaming, video marathons, and endless scrolling through social media. 

4 Steps for Growing an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Children

Children are full of curiosity. They wonder how things come apart, how they fit together and how they are meant to work. Charlotte Mason states that,

“Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they...

5 Cozy Reading Nook Ideas for Children

“Mom, I’m bored!” My ten year old son slumps down on the couch with a frown on his face and adds, “I hate Sundays! Why do we have to have no technology on Sundays, it is soooo boring!”

Christmas Traditions

By Joleen Steel

Craft Fair Entrepreneurs

For some children the entrepreneurial bug hits early. Often, their first venture requires a folding table and a jug of lemonade. The joy of a few quarters jingling in their pocket makes sitting in the hot sun for a whole afternoon worth it.

3 Ways to Develop Trust with Your Child’s Teacher

The first day of school is a big deal. This is the day you choose to entrust your most precious treasures with another adult, called teacher. This is the day you drive away thinking, “Will they be okay?” I’ve been there as a parent and understand...