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Kelly Arensen

Kelly Arensen
Kelly Arensen is mom to two busy boys. When she isn't occupied figuring out how to keep their Clapham uniform polos white, she is a practicing health and wellness coach with a focus on broader personal development, supporting her clients as they author their best possible lives.

Recent Posts

Babysitting: An Antidote to Entitlement!

Sometimes it seems to gradually creep in, other times it rears its ugly head seemingly out of nowhere. The beast I am describing is Entitlement. Subtle hints of it can become entrenched patterns, and we recognize it in our children or teens when...

5 Breakfast Favorites with Exam Week Upgrades!

Kid-favorite breakfasts can unfortunately be heavy on simple carbohydrates, setting up our kids for a mid-morning crash. While possibly passable on a typical weekday morning, these breakfasts can easily be upgraded and supercharged to give our kids...

Beyond the Allowance: 5 Ways to Build Your Child’s Financial Literacy

When we think about how to train our children in handling money, the first thing that generally comes to mind is using an allowance. The topic of allowance and whether or how to use one merits its own conversation ("Making Allowance for an...

Pondering Politics with Our Teens: A Courageous Way Forward

Talking politics with our teens is no doubt a daunting task and one that most of us would probably like to take a pass on!  Here are 7 ideas to help your teens formulate their views on politics.