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Kylie Hinkle

Kylie Hinkle
Kylie is a follower of Jesus, a wife, and mother of three. She is a licensed physical therapist assistant turned stay at home mom, and property manager. She loves hosting, baking, whodunnits, exercising, and gardening.

Recent Posts

Family Game Night

My husband and I have an older married couple that speaks into our lives on a regular basis, despite living across the country.  We consider them to be both treasured friends, as well as valued mentors.  Early in our parenting years, they told us, ...

The Student Becomes The Master: A Mom's Joyful Discovery

When I think about how Clapham school has influenced our family, my heart overflows with gratitude. To list the things I am thankful for could take up an entire blog post: the culture, ideas, habits, and training that have permeated the way we live...