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Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan
Sarah Logan is a scatter-brained Mom of 5 kids, who blogs, speaks and lectures (her kids mostly) on random topics - whatever the flavor of the day seems to be. She has hermeneutical hang-ups, and an intolerance of disrespect, and believes everyone can dialogue with grace and tact no matter their different viewpoints. She loves to see things from multiple perspectives and often finds her kids overtaking her in knowledge, skill and maturity. She grew up in Hong Kong and met her husband there where he was violently stabbed in a burglary. Five weeks after they met, he proposed, and the rest, a they say, is dynamite. (They don't say that? Well, they should).

Recent Posts

Simple Education

I recently saw a picture of children working on handwork in their classroom. The classroom appeared uncomplicated, bright and pleasant – sparse, perhaps, but in no way austere. The children wore uniforms; the walls were bare except for some...

Cultivating Contented Children in a Land of Abundance

"A man’s contentment is in his mind, not in the extent of his possessions. Alexander the Great, with all the world at his feet, cries for another world to conquer."

- Charles Spurgeon 

I recently asked one of my kids what she would like for...