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Clapham Blog

Peace on Earth: A Christmas Homily

If you’re like me or the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, for that matter, Christmas time may cause you to wonder, just a little bit, about that confident angelic announcement: “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men!” In our more cynical moments, we...

On Theology

By Kolby Atchison, Secondary School Principal

Our culture is hungry for truth, or so it claims. From news headlines to commencement addresses to talk show discussions, the concerned demand for truth seems to be as a strong as ever. And yet, at...

In the Clapham Home: Why Read the Bible with your Children?

By Doug Reynolds, Head of School

Raising children, in many ways, is a matter of helping them grow into people who can develop and sustain healthy, mature relationships. While this may seem obvious when it comes to coaching our children as they...

In the Clapham Classroom: the "Ultimate Living Book" in Action

By Jenny Bernthal, Class Two Teacher

Clapham Curriculum: the Ultimate "Living Book"

By Julie Reynolds, Director of Curriculum