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The Victory Amid the Loss: Three Reasons Sports Are a Blessing

Let Thanksgiving Strengthen Your Prayers

Parent Interview Series: Brett Everett

Brett Everett and his family became part of the Clapham community in 2021, when their daughter, Grace, joined Explorers I. They have jumped into Clapham life wholeheartedly!


Brett and Danielle with their children, Grace, Alden, and Caroline (And...

"I Believe" - 2022-2023 Chapel series

Join us for chapel each Tuesday, 8:35 a.m.

Alumna Highlight: Shannon Egan

Shannon Egan was part of the second class of Clapham's Upper School. After attending Clapham School for five years, she moved to St. Louis where she completed high school. She is currently attending Wheaton College and will graduate in May . We...

Alumnus Highlight: J.D. Parker

J.D. Parker was part of the first class of Clapham's Upper School to attend all four years. He is currently attending Cedarville University, where he is a Junior. We caught up with J.D. to find out how his time at Clapham School helped shape him for...

Chapel 5/19/20 - Messengers of God to the Whole World 5

Join us for chapel this morning, led by Jason Barney, Academic Dean, for the fifth and final message in the series "Messengers of God to the Whole World."