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Clapham Blog

Chapel 3/24/20

Join us for chapel this morning, led by Dr. Patrick Egan, Dean of the Upper School as we continue in Luke 9:18-27.

Jesus as King over Everything

By Andrew Unger, Chaplain

In chapel this year, we have been learning some phrases about who Jesus was, and what his offices of prophet, priest and king mean. We have said that:

  • Jesus as prophet means that he spoke God’s words to us.
  • Jesus as priest...

A Letter from the Clapham Chaplain

Dear Clapham Parents,

It is a privilege to serve your children this year as chaplain at Clapham. Please allow me to take this moment to introduce the subject of our chapel series in order for you to have the advantage of thoughtfully interacting...

Clapham’s Chapel Series: Life of Service to Christ

By Doug Reynolds, Head of School, and Brandon Levering, Chaplain

Mr. Levering teaches Clapham students in chapel each Wednesday morning

What is service? How is a life of service cultivated? These questions and their answers are the topics of our...

Clapham’s Fall Chapels: The Heart of the Reformation

By Brandon Levering, Chaplain

What does the Reformation teach us?

Jesus is our sufficient Savior, and he rules his Church by his Word.

And what are the five core doctrines of the Reformation?

Sola Scriptura—by Scripture alone