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Clapham Blog

The Liberal Arts of the Trivium (pt. 1)

The liberal arts have fallen on hard times. Of course, I don’t mean that bachelor’s degrees from liberal arts colleges are in decline. The presidents of liberal arts colleges across the nation can wax eloquent about the importance of the “liberal...

The “Way of the Will” and the Body of Christ

By Ashlyn Duff, Explorers II Teacher

An Unexpected Encounter

by Sally Woodhouse,  Class Three Teacher


Last month I made a new friend.  She must have been expecting me as she was standing patiently with her hands resting gracefully at an open door as I walked toward her. Immediately she struck me as being a...

Theseus and the Minotaur

One aspect of a Clapham education that sets our school apart from many is our focus on narration. Why have students narrate? One cannot narrate well, unless one has listened and digested the information given. Narration requires the habit of...

Language Learning and Clapham’s Summer Language Institute

by Kathy Bailey, Spanish Teacher for Summer Language Institute


I decided I was going to learn Spanish when I was ten. My father, a Christian college professor, often had students visit in our home. One evening, a young woman from Puerto Rico...

Geography: Utilitarian or Imaginative?

by Elise Redfield, Class Four Teacher


Geography can mean many different things to people. Much of what we feel and know of this subject is linked to our school experience. Rarely do adults have an indifferent attitude. It can sometimes have the...

Habits Reinforced at Home

By Julie Reynolds

Here are some additional questions to consider at home concerning Charlotte Mason’s thoughts about specific habits.

Literacy and Orality

by Jason Barney, Latin Teacher

In our previous post, “Literacy and Society”, we began to argue that we should think of literacy more as a continuum, admitting of perpetual improvement, than simply a skill to be mastered in the early years of school....