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Clapham Blog

Geography: Utilitarian or Imaginative?

by Elise Redfield, Class Four Teacher

Geography can mean many different things to people. Much of what we feel and know of this subject is linked to our school experience. Rarely do adults have an indifferent attitude. It can sometimes have the...

Habits Reinforced at Home

By Julie Reynolds

Here are some additional questions to consider at home concerning Charlotte Mason’s thoughts about specific habits.

Literacy and Orality

by Jason Barney, Latin Teacher

In our previous post, “Literacy and Society”, we began to argue that we should think of literacy more as a continuum, admitting of perpetual improvement, than simply a skill to be mastered in the early years of school....

Children as Persons: Intrinsic Motivation

by Christine Escareno, Director of Instruction (Lower School)

The teacher looked up from the student’s written narration. Her smile, her eyes, her gentle nudge communicated authority with a knowledge of that child and expectation for his work. The...

Coming Alive Through Shakespeare: An Experience for a Class Five Student

By Cheryl Ward, Class Eight Teacher

In my three years at Clapham, I have had so many “children-can’t-do-that” moments, only to be surprised that, indeed, they can. It happened with Shakespeare. I remember being handed the script for Comedy of Errors...

Marathon Misery and a New Vision for Physical Training

By Mike Barnett, Physical Education Teacher

Jazz and the Invitation to Know

By Zach Ward, Middle School Teacher

I didn’t used to much like jazz.

This sounds like a cliché to say, but jazz seemed to me too random and directionless. To my ear, it was about musicians of questionable skill meandering through unknowable...

Pinocchio and His Habits

By Renee Shear, Class One Teacher

Pinocchio is a prime example of what Charlotte Mason would call an ignorant and weak child. His puppet life was riddled with natural consequences of poor decisions and bad habits. Each day during read aloud, my...