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Clapham Blog

Why Latin?

From the Archives: Six Reasons I Chose Christian Classical Education for My Children

A friend recently asked me why I chose Christian Classical Education for my children. As I considered how to answer this question, several other questions arose that needed attention first. For instance, why does anyone choose any particular model...

Parent Interview Series: Brett Everett

Brett Everett and his family became part of the Clapham community in 2021, when their daughter, Grace, joined Explorers I. They have jumped into Clapham life wholeheartedly!

Brett and Danielle with their children, Grace, Alden, and Caroline (And...

"I Believe" - 2022-2023 Chapel series

Join us for chapel each Tuesday, 8:35 a.m.

Alumni Interview Series: J.D. Parker

J.D. graduated from Clapham School in 2018. He shares with us what he has been doing since then, what's next, and how the Lord used his years at Clapham to shape and prepare him.

Standing Up For The Unborn: The Annual March for Life

On a frigid day in January 2020, three Clapham School High school students, along with several other like minded young adults, braved the cold to stand up for the most vulnerable amongst us—the unborn.

The Gift

It's just a few shopping days until Christmas. If you are like my mother-in-law, all your Christmas shopping is done and dusted, complete with bows, all prior to roasting your turkey for Thanksgiving. If you are like me...well, thank God and Jeff...

A Sweet Thank You

"Mom, I've decided to like math," my ten-year-old son announced to me out of the blue one day about twenty years ago.

"Oh, ok," I responded.

"Yes, I've decided to like math because everything I want to do one day requires much knowledge of math,"...