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Clapham Blog

Educating for Piety

by Jason Barney, Academic Dean

I see no way to sum up the offense of modern man except to say that he is impious…. He has taken up arms against, and he has effectually slain, what former men have regarded with filial veneration. He has not been...

The Importance of Service at Clapham

By Kolby Atchison, Class Seven Teacher and Director of Athletics and Service/Leadership

One particularly intriguing element of Clapham School is its inclusion of service, not simply as a core value, but as an objective in its own right. Within the...

Hillsdale Salvatori Prize Acceptance Speech

by Jason Barney, Latin Teacher

I am incredibly grateful and honored to receive the Salvatori Prize on behalf of Clapham School, and for the generosity and courageous vision of Hillsdale College and Academy to be a model of educational reform that...

Who Were the Clapham Saints?

By Doug Reynolds, Head of School

In reflecting on an increasingly partisan and negative atmosphere during this election season, I’m reminded again of the importance of training up future servant leaders who can engage our culture in a winsome way...