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Clapham Blog

Biblical Integration: Christian Schooling as Discipleship

by Katie Klos

Class Five Lead Teacher, Middle School Girls’ Bible, and Middle School Literature


I borrowed the title of this blog post from a conference that Jon Simons and I had the pleasure of attending at Cairn University last summer.  I was...

Relevant or Non-Essential?

The Use of Original Languages in Our Faith

by Brian Kelly, Class Six and Latin Teacher


In a recent conversation with one of my pastors, we discussed the tact that is needed in a sermon to introduce technical language terms or excerpts from the...

Theseus and the Minotaur

One aspect of a Clapham education that sets our school apart from many is our focus on narration. Why have students narrate? One cannot narrate well, unless one has listened and digested the information given. Narration requires the habit of...

Creation and the Image of God: A Reflection on The Zeal of Thy House, by Dorothy L. Sayers

by Hannah Bramsen, Upper School Humanities Teacher and Middle School French Teacher


Classes Nine and Ten just finished studying Dorothy L. Sayers’ play, The Zeal of Thy House, in Medieval Humanities Seminar. As we were reading, this question came...

Why is the study of Western Civilization so important for today?

By Doug Reynolds, Head of School


The ideas and principles that underpin Western Civilization date back to the days of Ancient Greece. The city state of Athens (and others) embraced the idea of democracy as early as the sixth century BC. In Greece,...

Why Fairy Tales?

By Christine Escareno, Director of Instruction for Lower School


During a recent trip to Mexico, I brought my father-in-law “Los Cuentos Completos de los Hermanos Grimm,” as he enjoys reading to his grandchildren. One night before bed I picked up...

Cursive Handwriting

by Zach Ward, Middle/Upper School Science and Art Teacher


My relationship with cursive handwriting is one that is probably not uncommon to many, up to a point. It began when, in the upper half of primary school, I had to begin practicing my...

Beautifully Create As You Were Created Beautifully

By Sara M. Smith, Music and Art Teacher