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Clapham Blog

Student Harnessing Entrepreneurial Skills For The Benefit of Others

Before Chris and I had children of our own, we chose to sponsor two children through Compassion International. Habtamu is now 21, and Jose is 12, and it has been a joy for Ellie and Weston to write letters to them, share about life, encourage them...

4 Steps for Growing an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Children

Children are full of curiosity. They wonder how things come apart, how they fit together and how they are meant to work. Charlotte Mason states that,

“Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they...

The Need to be Equipped, Part 2: Priorities in Support and a Hotbed of Christian Service

In my previous blog article on “The Need to be Equipped, Part 1: Biblical Examples and William Wilberforce,” I unpacked the inner logic of the first part of Clapham School’s vision. If Clapham School exists to “equip young men and women to...

Craft Fair Entrepreneurs

For some children the entrepreneurial bug hits early. Often, their first venture requires a folding table and a jug of lemonade. The joy of a few quarters jingling in their pocket makes sitting in the hot sun for a whole afternoon worth it.