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Clapham Blog

Coming Alive Through Shakespeare: An Experience for a Class Five Student

By Cheryl Ward, Class Eight Teacher

In my three years at Clapham, I have had so many “children-can’t-do-that” moments, only to be surprised that, indeed, they can. It happened with Shakespeare. I remember being handed the script for Comedy of Errors...

Mr. Barney Wins Teaching Award!

Mr. Barney Wins Teaching Award! 
by Doug Reynolds, Head of School 
We received exhilarating news on Friday morning that our very own Mr. Barney won a prize for excellence in teaching, which includes a monetary grant to the school for use next...

Clapham and Accreditation

By Doug Reynolds, Head of School

Clapham recently submitted our application to ISACS (Independent School Association of the Central States). We are pleased to announce that their board not only approved our application but noted that it was the most...

Look Up

by Julie Reynolds, Director of Curriculum

Advent means "arrival" or "coming."  During this season we wait . . . for the celebration of Christ's first advent, and for his second coming in glory and our final redemption.

A Look into Clapham’s Christmas Program

Clapham students learn recitations throughout the year and have the chance to share these recitations, along with songs they have learned in music class, with friends and family at our annual Christmas Program.

Thanksgiving Proclamation

by Doug Reynolds, Head of School

As we approach Thanksgiving, I wanted to share Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation, delivered October 3, 1863, from Washington, DC.  This was the day he proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday.

Lincoln's words...

Thanksgiving Thoughts at Clapham

by Susan Carrion, Director of Instruction

Clapham’s Annual Fall Benefit

At Clapham, we are blessed to see how our school has grown since our first year both in size and commitment to our mission and values. God has brought new students into our classrooms while our faculty, staff, administration and parents have...