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School-Family Partnership Series: Tackling Technology

Beautiful Feet

School-Family            Partnership Series

Board President Interview: John Southard

Clapham School: A Gift of Blessing To Our Family

Clapham School: A Gift of Blessing to Our Family

Parent Interview Series: Brett Everett

Brett Everett and his family became part of the Clapham community in 2021, when their daughter, Grace, joined Explorers I. They have jumped into Clapham life wholeheartedly!

Brett and Danielle with their children, Grace, Alden, and Caroline (And...

Long-Term Family Vacation Planning: Making Memories with Intention

Last year, with our oldest turning eight and our youngest out of diapers, we realized that we were entering the golden era of family vacations. We had, at most, a ten-year window in which to accomplish whatever travel priorities we had as a family....

Cozy Connection during Covid: How to Grow Together during Quarantine

So here we are a year into a global pandemic. On one hand we feel like congratulating ourselves on all the adjustments we've made: hygiene OCD, mask wearing, staying home, NOT doing all the things. And this year that probably means not doing...