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Clapham Blog


5 Tips to Prevent Back and Neck Strain During E-learning

It has been roughly a month since my children started e-learning. Everyone has a semi-quiet place to do their daily work and online classes. Each child sits in a comfortable chair, and their computers are on their desks. I thought all was well, but...

Online Learning Etiquette Guide: 14 Principles to Help Students

Many students are moving to online learning who may never before have attended an online meeting, especially for the purposes of receiving instruction or carrying on an academic discussion with others.

Improving Study Habit Efficiency: 9 Tips from Outside the Box

I have been tinkering with “experimental” studying for most of my academic life. For instance, in high school, I would sleep and work at two-hour rotating intervals during exam week. This, I do not recommend!

A Call for Focus in Learning: Part 1 - Traditional Views of Attention

"The teacher says my child isn't paying attention well in school." 

Such a thought has put fear into the heart of many a parent. We instinctively know that paying attention is what students are supposed to do in school. When we hear that they...

Pinocchio and His Habits

By Renee Shear, Class One Teacher

Pinocchio is a prime example of what Charlotte Mason would call an ignorant and weak child. His puppet life was riddled with natural consequences of poor decisions and bad habits. Each day during read aloud, my...

In the Clapham Classroom: Virtue

By Jason Barney, Class Six Teacher

Some have a natural aversion to talk of an emphasis on habits whether in the home or in the classroom. Perhaps personal negative experiences contribute to a feeling that those who focus on training children in...