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Clapham Blog

The Forgotten Stanza of the Star-Spangled Banner

Growing up in Hong Kong, attending a British school and having just a few American friends, I sadly lacked a broad understanding of American history.


My limited interaction with Americans meant I wasn't aware of this deficit and assumed the...

Adventure Israel: Five Must-See Biblical Places to visit in Jerusalem


St. Valentine: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

February 14th is Valentine’s day and is celebrated worldwide. People share cards, chocolate, flowers and other tokens of love with those they cherish. But have you ever wondered who this saint is that inspires such devotion? What commendable acts...

In the Clapham Classroom: When History Explains Current Events

Patrick Egan, Class Seven Teacher

At Clapham, we encounter many ideas as we read through our various subjects in class. These ideas take on new meaning when applied to contemporary situations. One idea we have been thinking about in Class Seven...