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Clapham Blog

Ushering in 2021 — A New Year of Hope and Expectation

Saying goodbye is almost always difficult — and often comes with tears and regrets.  Saying goodbye, knowing you will never return to the same place, the same moment, perhaps the same people, can be heart wrenching and unbearable.  But in saying...

The Gift

It's just a few shopping days until Christmas. If you are like my mother-in-law, all your Christmas shopping is done and dusted, complete with bows, all prior to roasting your turkey for Thanksgiving. If you are like me...well, thank God and Jeff...

Christmas Concert Video

Last week Clapham School released the Christmas Concert video to members of our community. In case you missed the video, we are releasing it here on our blog. We hope that this Christmas Concert brings joy to you and your family during this...

The Roman Soldier at the Cross

During the crucifixion accounts in the Gospels, Roman soldiers play a prominent role. For the most part, they are crude people merely there to do their jobs, which are, in this case, to kill someone.

Valentine’s Day: Moving from Cupids and Cards to Agape Love


In some ways, Valentine's Day feels like a Hallmark holiday if ever there was one… a convenient excuse for stores to sell cards, flowers, and chocolates. In reality, the holiday dates far back, with origins centuries old. Formal 'Valentine'...

The Sheep

Terrible twos or terrific twos? In “Manger Scene Mishap,” a viral video of a children’s Christmas program, a two-year-old girl dressed as a sheep upsets the live nativity scene by taking the doll out of the manger … twice.


Christmas Traditions

By Joleen Steel

Observing Advent at Home


I was raised in the evangelical church, but my first exposure to Advent was at the age of 12 through the movie Courage Mountain. (Please don’t consider this a movie recommendation. My 6th-grade self thought it was great. I’ll leave it at...