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Clapham Blog

Q & A with Beth Kleitsch and Nathan LeMahieu

The school year is in full swing and the students are settling into their new routine. As a parent you may have touched base with your student's teacher but you may also have seen an unfamiliar face or two on the faculty. We caught up with two of...

Diligence and Joy

Today I’m going to unpack the third aspect of our school’s mission, which states that “Clapham School inspires students with an education...approached with diligence and joy.”

Charlotte Mason and the Growth Mindset

Fall Curriculum Night Address 2018

By: Jason Barney, Academic Dean

Good evening and thank you so much for coming to this evening’s Curriculum Night. I know it’s another evening event in what is generally already a busy week for most of us. But I...

What Is Joyful Discovery?

At Clapham School we talk a lot about cultivating joyful discovery, but what do we actually mean by that phrase? First, let me begin by saying what joyful discovery is not. Joyful discovery is not watching TV, surfing the internet or playing...

Natural Science and Philosophy

This last year (2017-18) we’ve been exploring the classical liberal arts tradition together as a school. Our mission is to inspire students with an education founded on a Christian worldview, informed by the classical tradition and approached...

Why Do We Teach Logic at Clapham?

How classes on logic catalyze students for deep yet humble understanding.

By Brian Kelly

Class Six and Middle School Latin Teacher

As the Class Six teacher, I have the opportunity to introduce students into the massive realm of logic, whether it...

Haydn’s Compelling Vision: Teaching through Beauty

by Margaret Danaher, Class Two Teacher

In a Children’s Literature class at Hillsdale College, I remember reading a portion of Tending the Heart of Virtue by Vigen Guroian, who writes of the great use that stories are in training a child in morality...

Cursive Handwriting

by Zach Ward, Middle/Upper School Science and Art Teacher


My relationship with cursive handwriting is one that is probably not uncommon to many, up to a point. It began when, in the upper half of primary school, I had to begin practicing my...