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Clapham Blog

Reflections on Literature

by Katie Hassler, Class Five Teacher

Geography: Utilitarian or Imaginative?

by Elise Redfield, Class Four Teacher

Geography can mean many different things to people. Much of what we feel and know of this subject is linked to our school experience. Rarely do adults have an indifferent attitude. It can sometimes have the...

Cursive Handwriting

by Zach Ward, Middle/Upper School Science and Art Teacher

My relationship with cursive handwriting is one that is probably not uncommon to many, up to a point. It began when, in the upper half of primary school, I had to begin practicing my...

Moments in the Class Four Classroom

by Cheryl Ward, Class Eight Teacher

The first thing that strikes me as I walk into Class Four is the beautiful round spider-web windows on the west wall. They look like Hobbit windows, complete with plants and flowers nestled in the spherical...

From Intelligence to Maturity

by Elise Redfield, Class Four Teacher

As students attend various field trips throughout the Chicago area I constantly hear from employees and other visitors how attentive they are, what intelligent questions they ask, and my own mother tells...

Literacy and Morality

by Katie Hassler, Class Six Teacher

I don’t think I’d have much trouble getting most people in the Clapham community to agree with the statement that it isn’t enough just to be reading—it matters what we read. Why, though? Are we just interested in...

Considering Beauty

by Libby Baker, Class Five Teacher

We do not talk about Beauty enough. We do this for a host of silly reasons. We don’t want to be considered cliché, or we do not want our more spiritual neighbors to perhaps consider us worldly. Much worse, we...

Literacy and Society

Literacy is a functional necessity in our society today. It was not always so. There was a time when an American farmer or craftsman could live a successful life in dynamic engagement with his community and never be called upon to write more than...