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Clapham Blog

The Good Soil Study - A Lower School Perspective

Maybe you’re like me and have kids spanning a variety of ages. My oldest is 13 and my youngest is 3, with a few kids sprinkled in between. The benefit of having this age span is that we’re not so surprised any more by the antics of a...

A Sweet Thank You

"Mom, I've decided to like math," my ten-year-old son announced to me out of the blue one day about twenty years ago.

"Oh, ok," I responded.

"Yes, I've decided to like math because everything I want to do one day requires much knowledge of math,"...

Meet Miss Nelson, Class Three Teacher at Clapham School

This summer Clapham School welcomes a new face to the faculty. Even though Miss Nelson started teaching at Clapham last Spring, we want to give our new C3 teacher a warm welcome. Whether you've already met her, or she's a new face for you, this...

Lower School Fine Arts Gallery 2020

Since we couldn't meet in person for Fine Arts Day this year, Laura Yiesla, our Art Instructor, prepared a series of Virtual Art Galleries for our Lower School, Middle School and Upper School. 

5 Cozy Reading Nook Ideas for Children

“Mom, I’m bored!” My ten year old son slumps down on the couch with a frown on his face and adds, “I hate Sundays! Why do we have to have no technology on Sundays, it is soooo boring!”


When Reading Doesn't Come Easy - A Mother's Perspective

Not long ago I picked up a much-anticipated and highly acclaimed book. I had waited long on the library hold list to get a copy. With the kids finally all tucked in bed, I climbed into my own bed to get comfy for a night of reading A Gentleman in...

Podcasts for the Very Young and Young at Heart

Instead of turning to screen time to entertain or babysit your young children, have you considered letting them listen to a podcast? Podcasts can be fun, entertaining, and great for the imagination.

The Traditions of Clapham School's Recognition Night


It’s the time of year that’s packed with graduation ceremonies and parties! To ease the minds and calendars of Clapham School parents, we’ve packed a number of important graduation moments into one event we call Recognition Night.