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Clapham Blog

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

In the 2013 film About Time (recommended for parents only), Domhnall Gleeson's character finds himself on the verge of losing his unusual ability to travel back to earlier moments in life. As a last hurrah, though, he makes a rather surprising...

Clapham School's 2020 Washington DC Trip

Written by Heidi Thomason

A lot happens at Clapham that parents are not privy to, and the Washington D.C. Trip is just such an event. Fortunately parent volunteers can be our eyes and ears on the ground. One of these parent volunteers, Heidi...

Middle School Fine Arts Gallery 2020

Since we couldn't meet in person for Fine Arts Day this year, Laura Yiesla, our Art Instructor, prepared a series of Virtual Art Galleries for our Lower School, Middle School and Upper School. 


Celebrate our students' incredible artwork with us...

National Latin Exam Results 2020

The Latin program at Clapham School has a unique structure that starts early and builds students slowly to a high level of competency with an uncommon breadth of vocabulary. From the earliest grades we use a challenging text all in Latin that was...

Surviving Middle School Moods: 3 Scenes

Before I jump to the subject at hand, I'd like to tell you a story from my childhood. Its relevance will become apparent, hopefully, by the end.