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Clapham Blog

Surviving Middle School Moods: 3 Scenes

Before I jump to the subject at hand, I'd like to tell you a story from my childhood. Its relevance will become apparent, hopefully, by the end.

Babysitting: An Antidote to Entitlement!


Sometimes it seems to gradually creep in, other times it rears its ugly head seemingly out of nowhere. The beast I am describing is Entitlement. Subtle hints of it can become entrenched patterns, and we recognize it in our children or teens...

The Danger of Abdication

Clapham welcomes Chad Smith, a pastor and Clapham parent, to the blog. He recently wrote this insightful piece which may serve to encourage us all.

Clapham School is a stirring community of which to be part. The teachers, administrators, and staff...