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Clapham School: A Gift of Blessing To Our Family

Clapham School: A Gift of Blessing to Our Family

Making a Joyful Noise!

Learning to Ride

Let Thanksgiving Strengthen Your Prayers

Parent Interview Series: Brett Everett

Brett Everett and his family became part of the Clapham community in 2021, when their daughter, Grace, joined Explorers I. They have jumped into Clapham life wholeheartedly!

Brett and Danielle with their children, Grace, Alden, and Caroline (And...

The Good Soil Study - A Middle School Perspective

Seven years ago, I knew nothing about classical education . . . absolutely nothing. Today, I’m certainly not an expert on classical pedagogy, but I DO know what the word “pedagogy” means, and even how to pronounce it, and that is significant...

The Good Soil Study - A Lower School Perspective

Maybe you’re like me and have kids spanning a variety of ages. My oldest is 13 and my youngest is 3, with a few kids sprinkled in between. The benefit of having this age span is that we’re not so surprised any more by the antics of a three-year-old....

Long-Term Family Vacation Planning: Making Memories with Intention

Last year, with our oldest turning eight and our youngest out of diapers, we realized that we were entering the golden era of family vacations. We had, at most, a ten-year window in which to accomplish whatever travel priorities we had as a family....