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Clapham Blog

Long-Term Family Vacation Planning: Making Memories with Intention

Last year, with our oldest turning eight and our youngest out of diapers, we realized that we were entering the golden era of family vacations. We had, at most, a ten-year window in which to accomplish whatever travel priorities we had as a family....

Family Game Night

My husband and I have an older married couple that speaks into our lives on a regular basis, despite living across the country.  We consider them to be both treasured friends, as well as valued mentors.  Early in our parenting years, they told us, ...

The Student Becomes The Master: A Mom's Joyful Discovery

When I think about how Clapham school has influenced our family, my heart overflows with gratitude. To list the things I am thankful for could take up an entire blog post: the culture, ideas, habits, and training that have permeated the way we live...

The Lasting Impact of a Clapham Education

I would like to share with you some insights that I have gained about Clapham School over the years that I have been involved at this school. I have the benefit of having two perspectives: first as a parent and now as a teacher’s aide.


4 Tips to Move Forward with COVID-19

As we are preparing for a new normal with smaller groups and masked faces, anxiety in children may rise. Add to that the "Don't touch that," and, "Don't hug them," commands, and we are creating a world filled with uncertainty where what was right...

Spring Curriculum Night: Good Soil Study and Technology Talk

On April 23rd Clapham School conducted its first ever virtual Curriculum Night live through Zoom. If you weren't able to make it, you can watch the video here. 

Strategies to Stave off the COVID-15#

Well, we've made it through the first two and a half weeks of isolation. We've met animals through the Cincinnati Zoo, we've doodled with Mo Willems, we've listened to the nightly readings of one of our favorite authors, Andrew Peterson, we've...

6 Points to Ponder as Christians Face Coronavirus


On Friday the 13th, it hit me. This could be the start of a horror movie: Corona Apocalypse.