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Clapham Blog

Faculty Interview - Hannah Bramsen

Unchecked Ambition: A Lesson from Macbeth

The wonder of studying Shakespeare was brought home to me again during a recent field trip to the Museum of Surgical Science.

Why Shakespeare?

By Hannah Bramsen

Upper School Humanities, Class 8 Homeroom, and Middle School Shakespeare Director

As spring slowly approaches, and students begin to feel the February blues, there is one thing that has faithfully brightened up the middle school...

Why The Merchant of Venice? The Triumph of Grace over Greed

By Jason Barney, Director of the Middle School Shakespeare Play

The Merchant of Venice has often been labeled one of Shakespeare’s problem plays, mostly because of the issue of anti-Semitism. This has been due to a failure to appreciate one of the...

Why Theater?

by Mr. Barney, Latin Teacher and Lead Teacher for Middle and Upper School

In light of our recent announcement of this year’s Middle School Shakespeare play, The Merchant of Venice, it might be good to step back and think about the why and...

Coming Alive Through Shakespeare: An Experience for a Class Five Student

By Cheryl Ward, Class Eight Teacher

In my three years at Clapham, I have had so many “children-can’t-do-that” moments, only to be surprised that, indeed, they can. It happened with Shakespeare. I remember being handed the script for Comedy of Errors...

Introducing Shakespeare

By Kat van Elswyk, Intern

Shakespeare plagiarized. For many of his plays, he took other people’s stories and words, tweaked a few things, added iambic pentameter, and put it on stage. When I first learned this, I was upset. I thought that this made...