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Clapham Blog

The Victory Amid the Loss: Three Reasons Sports Are a Blessing

Senior Thesis Preview 2020: Josie Shurba

We are all trying to make sense of the world around us. We analyze events, categorize people, and try to predict their future behavior. This need for control has led to the creation of a subfield in psychology called Personality Psychology. This...

In Honor of a Distinguished Scholar: Senior Story

As Clapham parents, we put our confidence in a private, classical Christian school because at a gut level, we have the sense that this type of education will best shape our children for their future ahead, not only in their academic capabilities,...

Student Testimonial: How Clapham Prepares Students for Life

Ari is a well-loved Junior at Clapham's High School.  She has been a student at Clapham since kindergarten. At a recent school benefit Ari shared how her schooling at Clapham is preparing her for life after school.


Student Testimonial: Choosing the Best Learning Environment

Isabele Southard is a current eleventh grader (Junior) at Clapham School. During the Fall Benefit of 2019, Isabele shared her educational journey with the community. Here is a transcript: