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Let Thanksgiving Strengthen Your Prayers

10 Things I am Thankful for in 2020 - the Year of the Pandemic!

Practicing gratitude has become something of a trend lately—as if developing an inner sense of thankfulness has numerous mental and physical health benefits is new information! Don't get me wrong; I'm glad it is 'trending' just puzzled to some...

A Sweet Thank You

"Mom, I've decided to like math," my ten-year-old son announced to me out of the blue one day about twenty years ago.

"Oh, ok," I responded.

"Yes, I've decided to like math because everything I want to do one day requires much knowledge of math,"...

Thanksgiving For Real

It is the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Sales are everywhere. Black Friday advertisements are touted on every television set in the nation. Any newcomer to the American culture might easily be deceived into thinking the national holiday we...

Thanksgiving Proclamation

by Doug Reynolds, Head of School

As we approach Thanksgiving, I wanted to share Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation, delivered October 3, 1863, from Washington, DC.  This was the day he proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday.

Lincoln's words...

Thanksgiving Thoughts at Clapham

by Susan Carrion, Director of Instruction