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Clapham Blog

Adventure Israel: Five Must-See Places to visit in Jerusalem

I first visited Israel for three weeks in the summer of 2012, as a part of a program through Wheaton College, called Wheaton in the Holy Lands. This trip turned out to likely be the best trip of my life.

Creation and the Image of God: A Reflection on The Zeal of Thy House, by Dorothy L. Sayers

by Hannah Bramsen, Upper School Humanities Teacher and Middle School French Teacher


Classes Nine and Ten just finished studying Dorothy L. Sayers’ play, The Zeal of Thy House, in Medieval Humanities Seminar. As we were reading, this question...

Why is the study of Western Civilization so important for today?

By Doug Reynolds, Head of School


The ideas and principles that underpin Western Civilization date back to the days of Ancient Greece. The city state of Athens (and others) embraced the idea of democracy as early as the sixth century BC. In Greece,...


by Julie Reynolds, Director of Instruction for Upper School and Middle School


Really? An A+?


"Christian schools are notorious for grade inflation." That’s the message a colleague and I received at a college counseling conference last Spring....

Clapham's Upper School: A New Kind of College Prep

By Heather Hagenberg, College Placement Director


With this year’s Class Nine begins the launching of the long-anticipated Clapham Upper School. Though our first graduating class is three and a half years away, our Upper School is fully planned...

Literacy and Latinity

By Mr. Barney, Latin Teacher

Latin is often referred to as a dead language. At one level, of course, this captures a vital truth that students and adults alike are apt to forget: all the native speakers of Latin are long dead.

The Ideal Teacher

by Zach Ward, Upper School Math and Science / Middle School Art Teacher


The author John Steinbeck once said of teachers,


“I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great...

Why Theater?

by Mr. Barney, Latin Teacher and Lead Teacher for Middle and Upper School


In light of our recent announcement of this year’s Middle School Shakespeare play, The Merchant of Venice, it might be good to step back and think about the why and...