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Explorers freely use their God-given curiosity to discover new skills and ideas through a variety of curricular subjects and inspiring literature while being held to a high standard with regards to self, others and work.

Bible: Mornings begin in assemblies or chapel with hymn singing and prayer. Following assembly, children hear a Bible story from the Jesus Storybook Bible, practice verse memorization, and pray together with classmates and teachers.

Phonics: A solid foundation in phonemic awareness is built as children memorize the 70 English language phonograms which are essential tools for reading and learning to spell words.
Explorers I - Pre-Kindergarten Class

Motor Skills: Fine and large motor muscles are strengthened daily through a variety of multi-sensory indoor and outdoor activities.

“Living Books” are books that are “alive” with literary language, rich vocabulary and ideas that engage the mind. Children narrate and discuss Mother Goose poems and stories by authors such as Robert McCloskey. Engagement with living books builds listening comprehension and skill in verbal communication.

Mathematics: Number sense is nurtured through Singapore Math, a concept-building curriculum enhanced by a wealth of engaging, multi-sensory materials and experiences.

Studies: Tadpoles, acorns, ducks, and squirrels delight children in Nature Study. Composer Study introduces children to Camille Saint-Saens and John Phillip Sousa. In music class children explore rhythm, tone, and harmony with voices and instruments. Artist Study inspires children to see beauty in works of art such as the paintings of Mary Cassatt.

Maturing habits of attention, obedience, responsibility, kindness and careful work grow as teachers and parents work together to encourage and inspire each child to do their best. 
Explorers I - Clapham School Pre-Kindergarten

Our Explorers I Class meets 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) from 8:25 - 11:30 am.



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