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Choosing a Christian School

A Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Christian School in the Metro Chicago Area

Thinking about sending your child to a private, Christian school? Overwhelmed? We'll help you consider the options, ask the right questions, and determine a perfect fit for your family.

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Teacher Spotlight webinar

Teacher Spotlight: Get to Know Faculty at Clapham School

Teachers inspire, educate, care for, and mentor their students. We entrust our precious children to their teachers at school and hope they are educating and mentoring our children well. If you're thinking about private school options for your child and would like to get to know some of the faculty at Clapham School, watch our on demand webcast.

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 Clapham Affordability Checklist

Tips for Affording a Private School Education

Many parents are intrigued with the thought of sending their children to a private Christian school but have doubts when they look at their bank accounts. We want to help parents who are considering this important decision.

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Tips For Parents: Navigating Technology with Your Preteen

Tips For Parents: Navigating Technology with Your Preteen

Is your preteen spending too much time online? How much is too much, anyway? Parenting is not for the faint of heart! As Christian parents, we want to help our children approach digital technology with wisdom and discernment. But how do we get there?

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Parenting Tips For Surviving the Middle School Years

The middle school years can be tricky for kids. Being the parent of a middle schooler can be even trickier!

Listen in and get some tips on how to make these important years a success for your child. 

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Web Clapham Living Books

Tips for Choosing Living Books for Your Pre-Schooler

The books we choose for our children can bring excitement and provoke their imagination through imagery. Feed their minds with stories that will grow their imagination, vocabulary and moral compass. Choose books that support your family's values and display good character.

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Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

What skills does your child need to be successful in Kindergarten?

Print this list and check off readiness skills as your child masters them.

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Transitioning to Christian School

Transitioning from Homeschool to School: Lessons Learned

It's hard being the new kid at school. It may be even more difficult if your child is transitioning from homeschool to a school setting. Hear some “lessons learned” from families that have made the transition. Get practical tips about how parents and schools can work together to help students transition successfully to their new school environment. 

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Watch Now: Attention, Please! Tips For Keeping Your Child Focused

Attention, Please! Tips For Keeping Your Child Focused

Is your child distracted? A child's ability to focus directly correlates with his or her success and accomplishments in virtually any stage of their learning or life. Encourage good habits that will increase your child's attention span and impact their ability to learn.

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Facebook Clapham College Checklist (3)

College Guidance: Next Steps Checklist

If the college application process is looming large, or even if it seems light years away, there are things parents and kids can do to ease the stress and plan ahead.

Download your free College Guidance Checklist for High School Students to learn specific tasks students in grades 9-12 can do to prepare for a smooth college admissions experience.

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20 Essential Life Skills for High School Graduates

We’ve put together a list of 20 essential skills that are helpful for your child to have experienced or mastered before they graduate from high school and likely go off to college. 

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