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Senior Thesis Presentations 2021

The senior thesis is a capstone event for Clapham School students. As a school we feel so strongly the value of this work, that it is a graduation requirement. Numerous alumni look back at the senior thesis as the single greatest preparation for college-level work. For some, the research done on the senior thesis leads to further work at college and beyond.



The seven seniors who presented and defended their thesis this May will soon graduate and embark on the next stage of their educational journeys. We know many who wanted to attend in person or virtually weren’t able to participate in the live event. Therefore, we are pleased to share all seven of the presentations below.


The Reality of Historical and Current Dehumanizing Language

by Allison Dumper



Modern Education and Its Failure to Train American Citizens

by Ari Escareno 



The Rise and Fall of America

by Luke Johnsen



Artificial Intelligence and Its Integration into Society

by David Le Roux



Social Media and Its Negative Impact on the Voice of the Church

by Priscilla Logan



The History and Theology of Emotions in Faith

by Isabele Southard



Peer Pressure in Teens: The Importance of Good Influences

by Alexandra Wachs



We are grateful to all the panelists who participated in the live thesis defenses. Even though we haven’t shared the defenses in the videos above, each student rose to the challenge in this crucial exercise in defending one’s ideas.



We look forward to starting the next batch of senior theses for the class of 2022!






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