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Student Life

Joyful discovery doesn’t just occur in a classroom, it’s a way of life.


Life At

Clapham School

A unique aspect of student life at Clapham is the interaction that students of all ages have with each other. Clapham School’s extracurricular clubs and ensembles seek to provide an avenue for students to associate around worthy pursuits in a way that fosters their love of learning and challenges them to go deeper.

From performing on the stage to studying nature to playing instruments, our students are highly engaged in a variety of activities and traditions that create a rhythm of student life at Clapham School.


spiritual growth

Spiritual Growth

In Clapham Students

Spiritual formation is central to the work of education. Our desire is that students not only understand a Christian worldview intellectually. We provide opportunities for it to penetrate their hearts and influence their lives. 


Stories From Clapham School Students

“The volleyball team is great. You build teamwork with each other over the year and at the end of the year you’re great friends with everyone; the coach is awesome too.”



“Clapham School offers a unique experience where students and teachers learn side by side through engaging discussions, dissecting great books, and exploring thought-provoking textbooks. The wide range of subject matter allows my fellow classmates and me to discover truth about God, humanity, and the universe we live in.”


"Clapham throughout the years has always been a very supportive learning environment, as everything is done in a close-knit community. The teachers are always ready to help if I do not understand, the Shakespeare play is a lesson in cooperation, and volleyball is a small team that runs on support. It is its supportive nature that makes Clapham unique... everyone is known."


“My favorite part about going to middle school at Clapham is Shakespeare. I really enjoy acting out a Shakespeare play and can’t wait for next year!"



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