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The Sheep

Terrible twos or terrific twos? In “Manger Scene Mishap,” a viral video of a children’s Christmas program, a two-year-old girl dressed as a sheep upsets the live nativity scene by taking the doll out of the manger … twice.


The Nativity Scene.

The audience laughs. I laugh every time I watch it. Others laugh when I share it with them.

The “mishap” happens while the children’s choir is singing “Away in a Manger.”


The Sheep keeps her place quite well until the choir finishes the second verse, “I love thee, Lord Jesus look down from the sky, and stay by my cradle ‘til morning is nigh.” At this point, the Sheep pulls the blankets off Baby Jesus. As the choir sings, “Be near me Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay, close by me forever and love me I pray…” the Sheep is holding and rocking the baby, dancing with him.


The audience is laughing.


Mary is mad.


Joseph is concerned.


Mary approaches the Sheep from behind, pulls the doll away from her and puts it back in the manger. But, the persistent little Sheep picks Baby Jesus up again, looks lovingly into His face, and pulls Him close.


Mary again tries to reclaim the doll, but the Sheep pulls Baby Jesus closer and escapes Mary’s grasp.


Mary pursues the Sheep across the stage and wraps her arms around the Sheep’s back to reach the doll, but the Sheep is holding tightly onto Jesus.


Joseph watches. He has no idea what he’s supposed to do as Mary wrestles the Sheep for the doll, and the Sheep holds onto Jesus with all her might.


The song ends, and an adult intervenes.


Lord Jesus, in this season, and always, may we be like the Sheep.


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