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Silent Auction

April 29, 2022 – 6 pm

One-on-One Coaching With Peter Patton, Shooting Coach of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks

Do you have a budding basketball star in your life? Develop his or her skills with an hour of personal coaching and instruction from Peter Patton, the Shooting Coach of the Dallas Mavericks. Patton works with NBA stars like Luka Dončić and many others. What better way to take a player’s game to the next level than to be coached by the best in the world? If you have a basketballer in your life, bid on this experience and help them become the best player they can be. [Month of Coach Patton’s availability TBD.]
Beautiful Necklace from Fox Jewelers
You can bid on a stunning diamond necklace that any woman would love to own. The 18k white gold pendant is shaped like a cross and features 0.25 carats of brilliant diamonds. The cross hangs from an 18-inch white gold diamond-cut chain. Retail value is $1900. Don't miss out on this lovely gift!
High Quality, Personally Sized Violin
Tired of paying violin rental fees? Want to own your own instrument? Bid on this item and it can be yours! The winner will receive a Johannes Köhr violin, Model K-500, along with a bow, carrying case, and microfiber rosin rag. The violin will be professionally sized for the instrumentalist by Gregory Sapp Violins in Batavia, IL. Win this auction and in no time you, or someone you love, will be making a joyful noise to the Lord with this beautiful instrument!

NBA Jersey Signed by Superstar Luka Dončić
The basketball fan in your life will delight to own an authentic NBA jersey signed by Luka Dončić, #77 with the Dallas Mavericks. Dončić, a point guard who is from Slovenia, was the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2018-19. Since then he has been selected several times for the NBA All-Star Game. Owning this autographed jersey is an opportunity you won't want to miss!
Couple's Cooking Class at Marcel's Culinary Experience
Like to cook? Then this auction item is for you! The bid winner will receive a $200 gift card that covers a cooking class for two at Marcel's Culinary Experience in Glen Ellyn. The card also comes with a salad bowl with tongs, two salad dressings, breadsticks, and Tieghan Gerard's brand new cookbook, Half Baked Harvest. Have fun at Marcel's with your special someone and learn to make kitchen time your best time!
Kimmer’s Ice Cream with Mrs. Shurba
When school lets out on a beautiful spring day, one to three students will join Mrs. Shurba for a pleasant walk to Kimmer’s Ice Cream in downtown Wheaton. The kids can choose from many delicious flavors. But the biggest treat of all will be the meaningful discussions that Mrs. Shurba will offer about following Jesus! After the hour-long event, the kids will return to the school for pickup.

Mini Golf with Mr. Gregornik

One student and up to four chosen friends (5 students total), will join Mr. Gregornik for an outing to Coyote Crossing Mini Golf on North Avenue. His reputation as a fun-loving guy will certainly be on display in this boisterous, energetic excursion. See if your students can beat their teacher at golf!

French Baking with Mme. Arnold

Our French teacher, Mme. Arnold, will come to your house and show your family how to make a loaf of bread, pretzels, pita pockets, etc., from scratch ingredients just like they do in France. Alternatively, she could make French crepes. You supply the kitchen, Mme. Arnold supplies the know-how. Bon appétit!

Big Sound with Dr. LeMahieu

What is the loudest and most powerful instrument a person can play? The mighty pipe organ! Join Dr. LeMahieu in a tour—literally going inside—of the pipe organ at St. John Lutheran Church. Any Clapham student, parent, or family member can take a lesson with Dr. LeMahieu about how to play the organ with hands and feet. This million-dollar instrument makes big music for the glory of God!

Learn Mandarin with Mrs. Shields

In four 30-minute lessons, Mrs. Shields will teach up to three students how to read pinyin and speak basic Mandarin phrases with correct intonation. Lay a foundation for learning an increasingly important global language. Yílùshùnfēng! (“All the best!”)

Piano Music at Your Event from Mrs. Etzel

Expert pianist Mrs. Etzel will offer up to an hour of piano music for your special occasion (dinner party, etc.). Bring a touch of elegance to your home or your event venue with classical music played by a truly gifted pianist.

Voice Lessons with Mrs. LeMahieu

One student, class 4 or above, will receive three 30-minute voice lessons from our Clapham music teacher. If your child has a budding desire to learn to sing, there’s no one better to provide instruction than Mrs. LeMahieu. As Psalm 95:2 says, “Let us make a joyful noise to God with songs of praise!”

A Proper Cup of Tea with Mrs. Garrett

Cheerio! A child and their parent will come to Mrs. Garrett’s house near the school and taste teas from around the world. If you think brewing tea means dropping a Lipton bag into boiling water, think again! Enjoy tea the way the Brits do by learning from a Brit herself. You’ll learn how (and how not) to make and drink a good, proper ‘cuppa.’

Bedtime Tuck-In With Miss Bendele

As the busy day winds down, your Lower School student will be visited by Miss Bendele for a snack of milk and cookies, a bedtime story and song, and prayers to end the day. Any child tucked in with such sweet and gentle care will surely sleep well at night!

Bedtime Tuck-In With Miss Marcotte

As the busy day winds down, your Lower School student will be visited by Miss Marcotte for a snack of milk and cookies, a bedtime story and song, and prayers to end the day. Any child tucked in with such sweet and gentle care will surely sleep well at night!

Soccer Lessons with Coach Mallard

Let our athletic director, Coach Mallard, teach your student and three friends (four students total) how to take their game to the next level. The kids will meet Mr. Mallard at a pre-arranged park for three 1-hour lessons in basic footwork, dribbling, passing, trapping the ball, and shooting. He’ll even teach your kids how to score off of a header. Glory on the pitch is surely in their future!

Electric Guitar Lessons with Mr. Dhus

Is your student ready to rock? If so, be sure to bid on this experience! Mr. Dhus will come to your student’s house with his electric guitar and all necessary equipment. The student will learn the basic chords to a song chosen by the parents (maybe a worship song or a different song okayed by the parents). After the hour-long lesson, the student will keep the pick used that day as a start toward a life of guitar playing.

Master the Rubik’s Cube with Mr. Dhus

Your student and up to two others (three students total) will get a one-hour lesson in solving the infamous Rubik’s Cube. Mr. Dhus will provide cubes that the students can keep and show them the basic methodology for bringing order out of chaos. At the end of the experience, a pizza will be delivered to the house so the Cubers can celebrate their newfound skill.

Jogging With Miss Schambach

Lace up your running shoes, it’s time to get moving! Your student and one other friend will be met at their house by Miss Schambach for a neighborhood jog that is adapted to their fitness level. If possible, the jog will include some time on the Prairie Path. Miss Schambach will teach some basic principles of cardiovascular health and the importance of staying fit. At the end of the run, sports drinks will be provided to emphasize the necessity of hydration. And surely there will be some great conversation along the way!

Library Jaunt With Miss Nelson

Your Class 1, 2, or 3 student and up to two others of the same age (three students total) will walk over to the Wheaton Public Library after school with Miss Nelson. The kids will select books to check out with guidance from Miss Nelson about the best ones to pick. Then, after a snack in the café, Miss Nelson will read aloud to the students. After this hour-long excursion, parents can pick up the students at the library.

Japanese Culture with Mrs. Escobar

Let your Middle or Upper School students (up to three) learn about Japanese culture by taking a trip with Mrs. Escobar to Kinokuniya Bookstore in Arlington Heights, IL. This experience is perfect for fans of Manga comics and graphic novels! After the kids peruse the store, Mrs. Escobar will take them to her favorite Japanese restaurant for tea and snacks, then return everyone to the school for pickup.
Family Portrait with Wes Craft

Clapham dad Wes Craft, a professional photographer, will meet you at an outdoor site of your choosing, such as Cantigny, St. James Farm, or your back yard, to offer a 30-60 minute photo session with your family. You will then receive 8 of your favorite photos as digital downloads. For more information about Wes, see his website at wescraftphotography.com.
Cookies for a Year from Moriah Hinkle and Emma Walter
Class 3 students Moriah Hinkle and Emma Walter will make two dozen homemade cookies and hand deliver them to your house at the beginning of every month FOR A YEAR. Varieties you'll receive include: Mississippi Mud, Chocolate Crinkles, Thumbprint, Iced Sugar, Chocolate Chip, Shortbread and Lemon Curd, and more. Get ready to give your taste buds a 12-month treat!
Stay Warm with Winter Wear from Lucy Sanders
Class 7 student Lucy Sanders has hand-knitted a woolen cowl and shawl that will keep you warm when winter winds blow. Lucy’s business name is Lucy Kate Creates. Lucy learned to crochet at Clapham School in 4th grade and she has continued to develop her skill in order to create and sell beautiful products. Bid on these items and you'll stay toasty the next time the temperatures drop!
Beautiful Bracelets from Ellie Stiernagle
Everyone will envy you when you show off your lovely bracelets created by Class 8 student Ellie Stiernagle. Ellie launched her business, "Ellie's Sunshine Bracelets," in July of 2021. Thanks to social media, she has happy customers all over the country! You can find her on Instagram @ellies_sunshine_bracelets. She has loved learning firsthand about margins, profits, expenses and the joys of entrepreneurship! You'll feel like you've got spring sunshine on your wrists when you wear this multicolored jewelry. Three sets of three matching strings will be available for bids.
Family Basket for Young Children (Ages 1-6)
Your preschoolers and kindergarteners will love the items in this basket. You'll find puzzles, watercolor books, and age-appropriate selections from Prairie Path Books. And of course, you'll find gift cards from delicious restaurants like Kimmer's Ice Cream in Wheaton and Chick-Fil-A!
Family Basket for School-Age Children (Ages 6-12)
Your school-age kids will get excited about this basket. It contains games, puzzles, a children's study Bible, and gift cards to restaurants like 302 Wheaton and Oberweis Dairy. What kid doesn't love burgers and milkshakes?
Family Basket for Teenagers (Ages 12-18)
Middle schoolers or high schoolers will enjoy the contents of this basket. They'll find a complex jigsaw puzzle and other fun games, a calligraphy set, a journaling Bible, and some fantasy and historical novels by Dr. Bryan Litfin. The teenager in your life will also be excited about the 302 Wheaton and Starbucks gift cards.
Tickets to the Spring Shakespeare Play
If you like the great drama of the Bard, this auction item is for you. You'll be able to bid on 8 front-row tickets to Clapham's spring production of "Twelfth Night" at College Church's Commons building (adjacent to the school). You can choose to come on either Thursday, May 19, or Friday, May 20. Doors open at 6:00 and curtain is at 6:30.
Animal Lover Basket
Do you have a dog that needs a little love? Do you enjoy the sound of birdsong in your yard? Then this basket is for you! Bid on this item and you can win a great selection of treats for your favorite pooch. The basket also come with birdseed and a cedar "snack shack" birdfeeder that is sure to attract your avian friends. Animal lovers will surely enjoy bidding on this item.
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