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Clapham School prepares students to pursue wisdom, grow in virtue, and stand firm in biblical truth.


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Clapham School

Clapham is a Pre-K through 12 independent school located in Wheaton, IL committed to education founded on a Christian worldview and informed by the classical tradition.

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The Clapham Model

A classical education emphasizes a three-tiered format know as the Trivium.

From Our Students

My time at Clapham has prepared me incredibly well to think critically...

The discussion-based learning at Clapham tackles complex issues that authors have pondered for millennia and forces students to think critically in the pursuit of truth. I believe my time at Clapham has prepared me incredibly well to think critically but it has also taught me to work with other students in our search for truth. 

Luke Johnson | Class of 2021

From our Journal

A gift of blessing to our family

The Kims are family of five, including Serin in 9th grade; Hankyeol in 8th grade, and Hayun in 5th grade. They have been attending Clapham since 2021.
"We know that our children’s time at Clapham School has been a life-changing experience they will always carry with them. We are blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful community and will always cherish the memories we have made here." 

Faculty Interviews

Julie LeMahieu

It is a joy to teach music at Clapham School! The Clapham culture of setting high academic expectations, building strong habits of learning, and of tending students’ hearts has fostered a wonderful atmosphere for students to grow as musicians and as people. What a privilege for me to help train students to use their voices to glorify the Lord in song!

Meet Our Faculty


We enjoy a seasoned faculty, many of whom have advanced degrees and many years of educational experience.


Most importantly, every member professes their faith in Jesus Christ and desires to care for our students both academically and spiritually.

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