Clapham Christian Classical School


What will a Clapham School experience look like for your children?

They will be immersed in an education founded on a Christian worldview. They will study great books and be trained in the skills of speaking, writing, and discussing. They will learn in a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by beautiful music, plants, books, and art as their minds thrive on a feast of ideas and discoveries.
Acedemics- Clapham Christian School - Wheaton, IL

Children familiar with great thoughts take as naturally to thinking for themselves as the well-nourished body takes to growing.



Explorers freely use their God- given curiosity to joyfully discover new skills and ideas.
Students learn to read and write well as their hearts and minds are nourished by ideas.
Students engage with deep questions, becoming critical thinkers and active participants in discussions.
Students prepare to engage the world for Christ.

Our Curriculum

With attention to the craft of teaching, an emphasis on habit formation as the path to virtue, and a curriculum that emphasizes wisdom and beauty, Clapham School cultivates deep learning in our students.

The Clapham Model

A classical education emphasizes a three-tiered format know as the Trivium.


Studying the books that serve as the bedrock of Western civilization and the history of the Church.


Thinking clearly and rationally about complex ideas in a rapidly changing world.


Proclaiming with courage, through speech and writing, the truth of a biblical worldview.

Student Life at Clapham

From performing on the stage to studying nature to playing instruments, our students are highly engaged in a variety of activities and traditions that create a rhythm of student life at Clapham School.

Why Our Teachers Love Clapham