Clapham Christian Classical School


Tuition Rates

2024-2025 School Year
*Explorers I students must be 4 years old before September 1 and Explorers II students must be 5 years old before September 1.

Additional Charges

Clapham School does not charge extra or hidden fees.

All school supplies such as textbooks, notebooks, paper, pencils, rulers, daytime field trips, etc. are included in the tuition. Uniforms are not included in the tuition, but we have a uniform exchange program available.  Extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, and overnight field trips are optional, and fees vary per activity.

Tuition Information

Facts Tuition Management

Clapham School uses the FACTS Tuition Management system to process payments for school tuition, clubs, sports, and other optional fees.

Tax Considerations

You may qualify for an annual tax credit as set out in the Illinois tax credit law. Check with your tax preparer or the Illinois Department of Revenue. Also please check with a trusted tax expert on the new laws allowing the use of 529 savings plans for private elementary education.
The Clapham Difference

The Clapham School policy on tuition differs from most other schools in a number of respects.

Learning Environment

Class sizes are limited to 16 students per class, so the student to teacher ratio compares favorably to most other day school options.  The benefit from smaller class sizes cannot be underestimated.  We invite prospective parents to schedule times to come observe for themselves the difference this makes in the lives of Clapham School students.

Quality Education

 Our educational model is focused on creating a challenging, yet nurturing classroom environment. Therefore, we put priority on funding faculty training and compensation and providing high-quality learning materials and experiences for Clapham School students.

Financial Accessibility

Clapham School is committed to remaining accessible. Tuition assistance is budgeted as part of our operational expenses for those families that need some financial help in providing a Clapham education for their children. We strongly encourage interested families to apply for tuition assistance in the form of need-based aid. 

"We pursued Clapham on faith as we had moved to Wheaton after living overseas. We were in the midst of job changes. Clapham opened its doors to our family. We have been blessed by Clapham's commitment to our children over the years."

Clapham Parent