Clapham Christian Classical School


Explorers II

Our Explorers II Class meets five days a week from 8:25 am - 11:30 am.

Full-day option meets five days a week from 8:25 am – 2:45 pm with an 11:30 am dismissal on Wednesdays. 

Explorers II, our Kindergartners, freely use their God-given curiosity to discover new skills and ideas through a variety of curricular subjects and inspiring literature while being held to a high standard with regards to self, others and work.

The Explorers Program

Learn how joyful discovery shapes the environment of our Explorer classrooms.

What We Teach

Our teachers are dedicated to teaching your child a comprehensive curriculum.

Students practice formal handwriting and the proper formation of each letter of the alphabet.

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Students take formal handwriting, practicing the proper formation of each letter while at the same time developing fine motor skills.


We build a solid foundation in phonemic awareness in our kindergarten students.

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 A solid foundation in phonemic awareness is built as children master the 70 English language phonograms which are essential tools for reading, writing, and spelling.


Students practice mental math and work on the ability to manipulate and apply numbers.

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Students practice daily, mental math and strengthen their ability to manipulate and apply numbers.


All Explorer II students spend time reading in the classroom and given reading assignments to take home.

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Each student spends time reading in the classroom as well as at home. We explore classic stories by C.S. Lewis, Andrew Lang, and other children's authors.

Maturing Habits & Motor Skills

Teachers nurture habits of obedience and help develop motor skills.

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Maturing habits of attention, obedience, responsibility, kindness and careful work grow as teachers and parents work together to encourage and inspire each child to do their best. 


Children will study notable artists, poets, and composers from a variety of resources.

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Students study the lives and works of two poets, two composers, and two artists, fostering an appreciation for their beautiful works.

How We Teach

Watch how our teachers work with students on a daily basis.

Classroom Texts

Our classroom texts are carefully selected by our teachers.

The Nutcracker

By Peter Tchaikovsky

Peter and the Wolf

By Sergei Prokofiev

The Magician’s Nephew

By C.S. Lewis

Red Fairy Book

By Andrew Lang

From our Journal

Podcasts for the Very Young and the Young at Heart

Instead of turning to screen time to entertain or babysit your young children, have you considered letting them listen to a podcast? Podcasts can be fun, entertaining, and great for the imagination.

Parent Interviews

Brett Everett

We discovered Clapham, a classical Christian school, was only a 20-minute drive from our home. We set up a tour and were truly blown away by what the students were learning here compared to other schools. After our tour, we knew right away we would do anything to send our children here.

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

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